Jamie Young Greenland Expedition

Jamie Young - Director & Ship Captain

Jamie is the visionary behind this documentary, over the last decade he has formed a strong connection with Greenland. His aluminium-hulled yacht, the Killary Flyer, will provide a trustee platform for filming as we travel up the entire West Coast.

He is the epitome of a salty old sea dog, with an almost mystical knack of finding what he calls ''interesting weather''. However, his experience in both business and in remote corners of the world will be invaluable in completing our goals on this trip. From a youth spent in Northern Ireland to formative years in Northern Scotland and a lifetime spent expeditioning around the world Jamie Young has an impressive CV. Single-handed across the Atlantic,Kayaked around Cape Horn in 1989 plus various other 'trips' all over the globe from Guinea Bissau to the south pole Expeditions

At this stage Jamie has visited Greenland a couple of times, sailing all the way from his home in Galway. He has read as many books as possible and watched as many recent films about the country, so that he has come to appreciate both their compassionate and complex society that has grown from a set of values that are quite different from our own.

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Marieke Lexmond - Producer

Marieke has always had a passion for storytelling, and bringing these to life through the medium of film. This leaded to a master degree in Camera and Lighting of the Dutch Film Academy. Her connection with Ireland originally stemmed from a documentary she shot and produced about Tory Island. In ‘91 Marieke stayed on this small island off the coast of Donegal for several weeks and instantly fell in love with the country.

Currently living in Los Angeles, where her focus has been on both writing and producing. Having never lost touch with Ireland, she met this crew in Galway, her home away from home, and immediately jumped on board to help bring this timely story to life. Bringing her back to her passion for documentary film making. Telling stories that matter.

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Vincent Monahan - Producer & Skipper

Having grown up on the West of Ireland, County Sligo provided a natural playground for outdoor activities such as surfing, sailing, kite-surfing, sea swimming and hiking. This developed an on-going thirst for adventure. After a mixed background in science, business, growing young companies and film, in Ireland and abroad, he was eventually drawn back to the West to pursue a career in film production.

Through his company Duck Upon Rock Productions he strives to spread meaningful stories that he hopes can positively enhance people’s perception of the world around them. With a keen interest in both real human stories and adventure, he was captivated by this journey of discovery and is driven to bring it to life.

Ciaran Lennon - Skipper & Project Manager

From a young age he developed a passion for the Ocean through Scuba Diving, discovering and exploring the vast marine world. Being situated on the West coast of Ireland in Sligo and Connemara has naturally led his interests into a variety of areas of the outdoors, exploring the surrounding mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the numerous islands along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ciarán runs his business Wild Atlantic Outdoors as an outdoor facilitator using his degree in outdoor learning. Striving to share the outdoor world through his extensive experience, expert guidance and instruction, to enable the outdoors to inspire others as it did for him. He is well travelled and always seeking new adventures to less explored areas of the world, experiencing nature’s wonders and different cultures on the way.

When he’s not kayaking, diving or up a mountain he is most likely tinkering away fixing things or involved in a building project.

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Pauline Jordan - Skipper

Pauline works as an Outdoor Education Lecturer at GMIT Mayo.  Any chance she can get she spends outdoor, preferably sailing, sea kayaking or open water swimming. Her previous adventures have taken her all around Ireland and the UK, as well as France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden and Alaska. She completed her first winter transatlantic crossing in 2017, discovering a real passion for living in confined spaces and surviving on ‘one pot wonder meals’ served alfresco. The simplicity of life at sea and the complete freedom to explore new places has Pauline constantly on the look out for a new adventure.  


Annette Beil - Editor

Annette Beil lives in the Netherlands. She grew up traveling with her father, a Documentary filmmaker. Her passion for human stories drew her to the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. Where she received a master’s degree in editing and documentary filmmaking. Her first documentary about Tory Island made a lasting connection to Ireland. For many years she worked for DKP, editing documentaries for the Dutch Broadcasters like VPRO, and worked on the Oscar winning film ‘Antonia’ and several other Dutch Feature films. In her youth the family spend every spare time sailing the European waters. That makes this project a perfect fit!

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Menno Westendorp - Director of Photography

At the age of 17 Menno set out from a small village in the Netherlands to travel for a year through the United States. This was the beginning of 30 plus years of a life full of travel and adventure. From crossing the Sahara three times to showing his young kids the African wildlife in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. After graduating from the Dutch Film School as a Director of Photography Menno has been filming in over 40 countries all over the World but Greenland has never been one of them. This documentary provides the perfect opportunity for Menno to experience life in the Arctic and to help tell a visual story about the rapidly changing life in Greenland. Although most of his adventures have been over land, being from the Netherlands, a journey on the waters of the Arctic draw on him naturally making his heart beat faster.


Jeroen Hendriks - Technical Producer

 From a young age Jeroen liked to fix things! His wandering spirit has lead him through many professions, from cruise ship bartender to an editor of TV content. His interest in technology eventually landed him as a camera technician. From here it was only natural to be one of the first people to specialize in digital film making. He has worked on many Hollywood films like; Prometheus, Independence Day: Resurgence, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This documentary is an opportunity to test the limits of technology in a challenging environment. Something he can’t resist.

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